Shooting in Brooklyn, NY - 2016


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Damon May was born in the southern tier of upstate New York. Hailing from the tiny suburb of Endwell, Damon excelled early on in Athletics, specifically basketball and baseball. His love of drawing led him to take art classes which would surface later as a student at Wright State and then Binghamton University where he received a BFA. The main focus of his art was the human figure. After working for a sports uniform clothing designer in Endicott, New York, he moved to Ohio to work for a sports apparel company doing graphic design and photography. He began photographing models for the company which continued his personal obsession with the human figure. He then dedicated his time capturing landscapes and people in his life. Ever a restless soul, Damon expanded his image vocabulary, inventing and incorporating action-shots and obtaining new models in new settings that channeled his sports and fine art backgrounds. He continues to push boundaries of portraiture while capturing the essence of his models their personalities and their physical presence.

Through fine art and photography he has been able to grow as a designer and a leader as well.